Binu Dhindsa is a fitness and nutrition coach, an author, a writer, a personal trainer, and a workshop facilitator. She is passionate about helping others find their inner spark in life! Binu’s experience in sports as a child has led her to truly love the benefits of fitness. She lives and breathes the lifestyle of daily movement and nourishing her body with whole foods.  Sometimes the desire to make change with our external bodies leads us to making change to the inside of our bodies. Binu’s experience with improving the physical aspects of her life has led her to more self-nurturing and more self-discovery, which has brought upon meditation and mindfulness to her daily life. She is bringing these practices of fitness, food, meditation and mindfulness to her future programs to help others find their inner spark and improve the balance of their lives, one day at a time. When she isn’t teaching or working out, she loves to travel, connect with friends and hang out with her 3 kids, Kiana, Ronak and Tiya.


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