The Story About The Story

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This New Year has started out pretty exciting for me and my family. We had the opportunity to be featured in a new neighbourhood magazine. It’s come with excitement and it’s come with shyness as well. People always say that the only way to grow as a person is to step outside our comfort zones. […]

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Who Has Time To Sit Still?

Health is something we are all striving for, in one way or another. Many of us look to physical fitness, food or sleep as the ways to improve our health. What if I told you these were NOT the most important parts of health? This is what Dr. Lissa Rankin said to me that opened my eyes […]

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Inside Out!

Did you see the movie? The one about the little girl and all her thoughts and emotions inside her head? This movie hit home for me, made me realize that even the movie producers see what’s going on with us, how our minds are absolutely connected to not just our bodies, but our lives. So […]

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