Exercise can be fun. It can be rewarding. It’s needed for us to age gracefully and thrive in all that we do.

What is the best exercise?

What will give me the best results?

What’s the best ab exercises to do for me to see my six pack?

Do these questions ever show up in your head? ¬†One thing I know for sure after years as a fitness instructor specialist and a personal trainer is that finding what truly brings us joy is so important. But what lights us up maybe doesn’t shed the greatest calories. Well, I am here to tell you that this is okay. There are ways to balance out your exercise, add a few things here and there to get you that balance you are searching for. I enjoy working with men and women to help them with their goals and together finding what best exercise regime works for them to reach their goals. There is definitely a formula I use with everyone, but it’s shifted here and there a bit to suit each individual. We are all unique and our bodies are unique. We must work with our bodies to find what is best in the form of exercise, not just for short term goals but for the long haul.

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