After years of working alongside an amazing nutritionist and transformational fitness coach, and being my own N of 1 study, I have landed here. I not only live, but I teach a balanced food approach. Whether you are looking to release unwanted body fat, or want to tone your muscles, or simply, as many women put it, just want to “feel good in your own skin”, a balanced approach to eating is the key.  There are many roads to Rome and I am here to help meet you where you are at and help you along your way. I avoid deprivation and I avoid the word “diet”. My approach is from a whole health perspective, one that helps us with daily life. I call it the “daily eating” strategy.  I believe in simplicity and ease in our ever rapid changing world. We all now want to make changes that we can sustain in our lives, without hours of prepping food in the kitchen or the feeling that we are always behind in knowing what to feed ourselves. Let’s get on track together, get ahead of the game of food balance, and learn how to fill nutritional gaps with amazing nutrients to keep us thriving as we progress in life.

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