My speaking series involves these components, food, fitness, mindset and stress. Sometimes it’s one talk that incorporates all of the items, other times it’s a series of 3 separate talks to cover all the material necessary for people to take action in their own lives.

I speak to corporations and to schools and to individual groups of people.

With my speaking, I hope to reach many people and teach them what I have learned along the way.

Do you feel stress? Do you feel stressed and eat according to your stress? Does your stress show up in conversations with your kids? Are you truly aware of your actions on a daily basis, whether it’s how you react to a child or a boss or the person who just cut you off in traffic?

What if I could show you a few tools to help with:

* creating a mindset reset to allow life to flow more easily and beautifully

* learning how to go from stress response to relaxation response in less than 90 seconds

* getting on top of emotional eating and understanding what food balance is and how to do it

* the best exercise regime for a living a long quality of life.

If any or all of these topics resonate with you, I would love to hear from you.

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